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InshaAllah we will be returning to our Bulugh series based on my book; شد اللجام لبلوغ المرام (Planning to publish in 2026 InshaAllah)

I’ve covered this many times over the years, our focus has always been the scholarly reaction to these narration, its impact, and effects.
We will explore our 4 schools, contradictions, arguments and the over all debates.

The Class will be Mon every week; at 9 pm EST

The class will always run between an hour to two hours, prepare for handouts, thought exercises & a lot of understanding!

Sign Up Sheet: https://forms.gle/psG3i1zReFF2cAbm9

Remember this class will require a 50 USD Monthly commitment

we will use zoom as our platform inshaAllah, and recordings will be provided after each class.
We are planning to start this month InshaAllah

Start date is more than likely going to be the 17ths inshaAllah

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