Important Schedule adjustment over the next few months


In an attempt to keep consistency:

Tuesdays will always be for level 1:

Bayqunyyah, Waraqaat & Mukhtasar Sagheer.

Wednesdays will always be for level 2:

Ba’eth, Luma & Al Muqaddimah al Hadrumyyah

Thursdays will always be for level 3:

Iqna, Ghayah al usul, & Tadrib ArRawi

All classes will start from 9 am, to 12 noon EST

Possibly starting June this will be the permanent schedule.

All classes will be $50 USD monthly per book.

This InshaAllah will alway those to join with ease at any moment.

Upon completion the student would receive a completion certificate.

At the end of level 3 ; if student passes the test they will receive permission to teach the basics certification.

But they must complete the full course and be thoroughly tested.

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