Spring Term

Alhamedullah the winter term went by with great achievements; Our brothers conquered Waraqat & Bayqunyyah, and are wrapping up Al Mukhtasar as we speak!
We are now preparing for Level 2 – Spring Term inshaAllah – As we always do; terminology will be in Arabic explaining will be in English.

Our agenda looks as follows:

Level 1 Group: Bayqunyyah, Waraqaat & Mukhtasar, Pending scheduling …

Level 2 Group: Starting on: Mar 23rd
9 am EST : Al Ba’eth Al Hatheeth by Ibn Kathir in Usul hadith with 4 hadith takhrij training – $50 monthly (4 months)

10 am EST : ALuma’ By Shirazi in Usul al fiqh with an intense review of Isnawis Tamheed – $50 monthly (4 months)

11 am EST Al Muqadimmah al Hadrumyyah with numbering of the issues and full review of the basics – $50 monthly (6 months)

To register please click this link : https://forms.gle/AHXL8CXhDLqeMMg47

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