Launch of Al Mahhalis Reading sessions

Assalam Alaikum,

We are at the final planning phase and ready to start this amazing session!

We will are going to follow our Egyptian Shafi’i scholars and read through Al Mahhali InshaAllah,

Every Tuesday at 12 PM (noon) EST for 1 hour weekly.

Teacher & Students will read inshaAllah.

I will comment in English on selected location as we read. I intend for us to read the full sharh cover to cover.

We will have a Telegram group where we can further examine and study the text InshaAllah:

The class is intended for all levels since we won’t dive to deep during the reading, any in depth discussions will be held in our telegram group inshaAllah.

The fee for this course is 15 USD a Month.

Sessions will start Tuesday the 30th InshaAllah

To Join Us please Register here:

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