*** New Classes coming up ***

Assalam Alaikum,

We are happy to announce a few new classes coming up; starting November 3rd 2021 InshaAllah

Sharh Al Bayqunyyah in the science of Hadith.

شرح البيقونية في علم الحديث

Group 3 – Al Mukhtasar By BaFadl. For beginners.

شرح المختصر الصغير لبافضل .

Fiqh reading; Riwaya reading of: Safinat AsSalah, Safibat AnNaja, ArRisalah Al Jame’a, Al Mukhtasar, Abi Shuja, & Al Muqadima Al Hadrumyyah.

مجالس قراءة الكتب الفقهية للرواية والسماع: نقرأ سفينة الصلاة وسفينة النجاة والرسالة الجامعة والمختصر الصغير وأبي شجاع والمقدمة الحضرمية .

Waraqat Imam Al Haramayn in Usul ul Fiqh. Usul for beginners.

شرح الورقات لإمام الحرمين.

A thorough explanation of Al Muqaddimah Al Hadrumyyah for mid-level students.

شرح مفصل على المقدمة الحضرمية لطلبة المرحلة الوسطى.

These courses are for English speaking students. Yet all are welcome.


Our Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/dwObSlo9jog4NTgx

Winter term whatsapp group, for those who prefer whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/L99qWIMmlskBs1II5zknVn

Classes are currently being planned to be held every Wednesday starting 9 AM EST.

Al Muqaddimah Al Hadrumyyah will be Thursdays 9 am EST starting November 4th.

Each class is 1 hr long.

Classes will be held on the Zoom Platform.

Each courseof the first 3 courses are 50 USD monthly.

Al Muqaddimah Al Hadrumyyah will be 100 USD Monthly.

Payments are going to be paid via PayPal: smartbookshelp@gmail.com

All courses are to be presented by Muhib Ad-Deen AlMinhaji

For questions please contact us on either telegram or whatsapp @ 0014783905449

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